About Us

The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation is a hub for the knowledge, innovation and skills required to create a low carbon economy.

From our award winning low carbon building in the centre of Edinburgh, and virtually throughout the world via our networks and partnerships, ECCI provides the place and space for low carbon leaders and practitioners from business, finance and the public sector to work together to deliver a low carbon future.

Within the hub, the ECCI has three clear functions:

Enterprise & Innovation:

Innovation is at the core of all ECCI’s activity. We can only create a low carbon future with the right people, ideas, vision, technology and resources to make it happen. ECCI brings governments, businesses, communities and academics together, creating an environment where these groups can take risks on good ideas.

Find out more: Innovation

Skills & Learning:

Delivering executive training and education to equip private and public sector leaders and innovators with the skills required to succeed in the low carbon economy.

Find out more: Skills

Policy Interface:

Joint managing ClimateXChange – Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Climate Change, which provides independent, authoritative advice to Government policy teams and public agencies to support low carbon.

Find out more: Policy

Visit What we do


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