ECCI Cafe Comp – And the winner is…


The Knight’s Table

Suggested by: Roddy McNulty, Edinburgh

Prize draw winner: Stephen Porter

Congratulations to you both!

What’s in a name?

Back in April, ECCI launched a competition to find a name for our new Café.

We wanted the name to reflect the site’s fascinating history, the new building’s world-class green credentials or the world-changing plans ECCI has for the future.

After four weeks of collecting hundreds of fantastic entries the judges selected a shortlist of the best five, which went out to a public vote. Three weeks and hundreds of votes later, the votes were counted and the winners announced.

Congratulations to the winners

Roddy McNulty suggested the winning name, ‘The Knight’s Table’. His prizes:

Cutting the tape at our opening event, being remembered forever more by a commemorative plaque in the Café and his first 10 cups of coffee in his very own ECCI mug.

As the winner of the prize draw, Stephen Porter wins his first ten cups of coffee at the new café for free.

Meet the winners

Roddy McNulty is a qualified archaeologist who works for Recovery Action (, helping victims of Guatemala’s genocide in the 1980s rebury their dead with dignity. He also runs Home Tuition Scotland – Scotland’s largest home school and music tuition provider (

Roddy said: “I’m delighted to have won the ‘Name the ECCI Cafe’ competition! I found out about the competition through the amusing ECCI Knight twitter feed – “@ecciknight”. I selected the name as I am a qualified archaeologist and found out about the exciting find of the Medieval Knight at the High School Yards during work on the ECCI Centre building.

Who knows, the new Cafe might even persuade Sir Eck to raise himself from his 700 year-old slumber for a coffee.”

The name “The Knight’s Table” seemed an obvious choice to link past, present and future. Of course, all of the Knights had equal standing around King Arthur’s round table, and this provides a lesson from the past to those who have been entrusted to take important decisions on our planet’s future. Who knows, the new Cafe might even persuade Sir Eck to raise himself from his 700 year-old slumber for a coffee.”

Stephen Porter is one of this year’s Carbon Masters (and next year’s PhD students) and visited the building this year as past of ECCI’s academic outreach programme.

He said: I’m very much looking forward to the opening of the new ECCI building. Barring a requirement to be out of town, I certainly plan on being at the launch event – hopefully before the new Autumn term starts!”

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The 700 year history of High School Yards:

Green, Lean & Clean – the buildings world-class green innovations:

ECCI’s world changing plans for the future:


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