ECCI Knight launches a ‘Quest’ (competition) – find a name for the new café at High School Yards.

ECCI is soon moving into its new home on the historic site of High School Yards and we need your help to find a new name for the café.

The ECCI building is on the site of Edinburgh’s historic Old High School, which is being transformed into a state of the art, energy efficient hub for knowledge, innovation and skills and once home to the 13th Century Monastery that turned up the remains of a Medieval Knight earlier this month.

The ‘Quest’

So we though who better to launch the ‘Quest’ (Competition) to pick the name for their new ‘Feasting Hall’ (Café) from ECCI’s most famous historical figure (recently disturbed from his 700 slumber in the Blackfriar’s Monastery) the ECCI Knight.

We need your help to find a name that reflects the site’s fascinating history, the new building’s world-class green credentials or the world-changing plans ECCI has for the future.

How to Enter

All you need to do to enter is go to the competition page on the ECCI website completing the competition form with your suggestion and details of how we can get back in touch:

The competition is open for 4 weeks, after which we’ll select a shortlist of the best entries to be put up for a public vote.

If your suggestion is selected you’ll get to cut the tape at our opening event, will be remembered forever more by a commemorative plaque in the Café and we’ll even treat you to your first 10 cups of coffee in your very own ECCI mug.

Nominations will only be accepted by completing the online form and the closing date for nominations is April 24 2013. Late nominations will not be considered.

Looking for Inspiration?

If you need inspiration have a look at the links below and be sure to look out for regular new posts on our blog ( and twitter (@edcentreCC) pages over the next month. Good Luck!

Good luck!

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