ECCI team test drives state of the art Hydrogen car

The ECCI team was lucky enough to test drive a state of the art hydrogen powered electric car today.

The Hyundai ix-35 fuel cell electric car is one of only three models in the world and is in Edinburgh for the Green Fleet Scotland event.

The vehicle was powered by an on-site hydrogen refuelling station based at the Royal Highland Show centre with ITM Power HFuel. HFuel generates hydrogen by electrolysis, using only on-site water and an electricity supply. The gas is compressed, stored and dispensed on demand at high pressure.

One refuelling powers the car for around 350 miles, so the ECCI team could only take the car for a quick spin before it made its rounds to the City Chambers and back to Edinburgh airport before being transported back to Germany later this week.

ECCI’s Ed Craig took charge of the driving for ECCI, he said:
“It was really strange at first because the car makes almost no noise at all. I was a bit worried a pedestrian might walk out in front of us but we got around the block in one piece! Other than that it felt very much like driving a normal car and the creators reassure me that it can go just as fast when out on the open road.”

ITM Power’s Charles Purkess said:

“HFuel is based on an electrolyser which means it is uniquely able to produce zero-carbon hydrogen if linked to a renewable power source or a supply of ‘green’ electricity like a wind turbine. The fuel delivered to the vehicle is then carbon-free and no atmospheric carbon emissions result from its use.”


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